This Course is for everyone who wants to get the best out of your instrument when pulling up the strings

While pulling up strings you should take care of many small details which make already THE difference. If you don't know you don't care; and the result is. result of matter and luck.

The best final sound result of your instrument can only be achieved if you have everything under control.

Having a Master like Edgar Russ next to you will help you to proceed with determination to great satisfaction.

Edgar's Online Violinmaking Academy
Tailpiece distance

To maximize your sound properties Edgar explains you how you should install your Tailpiece in its best position.

An ear opening matter which helps to enhance the sound of your instrumen.

Edgar's Online Violinmaking Academy
How to pull up properly the strings

A good turning peg is most of the times a matter of how to pull up the strings from the very beginning. With Edgar you learn how to do it properly.

Edgar's Online Violinmaking Academy
The right Bridge Position

Edgar Russ teaches you the fundamentals of what has to be made in a specific way on every Instrument. The bridge is the center of sound. Learn where it should stand in order to make it work properly.

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