Violin Varnish Course

The right varnish should increase all the effort you have putted into your self-made violin. It should lighten up the beauty of the carefully chosen tonewood and should enhance the vibrating properties of every instrument. Master Edgar Russ will guide you step by step from the wood preparation all the way to a beautiful varnished instrument which will age gracefully over the coming years.

Edgar's Online Violinmaking Academy

The right preparation makes a huge difference of the final result of your violin. Save unhappy moments by following what Edgar Russ will show you in his lectures.

Edgar's Online Violinmaking Academy
Stain and wood preparation

Staining will help to underline the beauty of the flames while the right protein wood preparation just like the Great Masters of the 17th. Century have been using very likely will guarantee that the varnish will be enhancing the Italian sound properties of your instrument. Edgar Russ is an expert and offers here his knowledge.

Edgar's Online Violinmaking Academy

Edgar Russ will explain and show you in this course how to varnish with Spirit varnish as well as he will explain and show you step by step the oil varnishing secrets. Depending on your preference you will have the option to choose which type of varnish.

Both varnishes will be made together with the Master.

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