Sound post, Bridge, Saddle, lower Nut and

Sound Adjustment

In this section all threads merge together into the final result of all of our effort. Having a Master like Edgar Russ next to you, will help you to proceed with determination to a great satisfaction.

Edgar's Online Violinmaking Academy
Saddle and lower nut

Every part of the violin has its specific function and impact. Here You will learn how it should be made to ensure the maximum of your violin potential.

Edgar's Online Violinmaking Academy

The soundest is like a joystick for adjusting the sound. But in order that it reacts exactly that way it needs to be fitted the right way. Edgar will show you how to do that.

Edgar's Online Violinmaking Academy

Edgar Russ teaches you the fundamentals of what has to be made in a specific way on every bridge. The bridge is THE moving part of this sound machinery. Learn everything to understand how it works.

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