The Bassbar Course

Violinmaking is much more about physics and mechanics than generally expected. The bassbar has a crucial impact on the perfect outcome of this ingenious machinery.

Master Edgar Russ explains every step and technique with extreme precision. Simply watch the 20-minute videos and apply what you have learned directly to your work. Watch the Master as he creates; he understands the challenges you may encounter and offers valuable advice to help you progress effectively. This course is designed to enable you to turn his demonstrations into reality. What he creates in one or two hours can be achieved by anyone within a week.

You will be surprised by your own results.

Edgar's Online Violinmaking Academy


Before fitting the bass bar, Master Edgar Russ explains the tools he uses and several key points to consider. He ranks the importance of each factor on the final result. You'll learn how to select the appropriate wood quality and grain orientation.

Edgar's Online Violinmaking Academy


Positioning the bass bar correctly is the most important aspect of fitting a new one. Understanding the effects of various positions is crucial. Master Edgar Russ provides valuable information to ensure your instruments achieve their maximum sound potential.

Edgar's Online Violinmaking Academy


Fitting the bass bar properly is time-consuming but essential. Though invisible once glued, its impact on sound is evident. Strive for excellence in every instrument. Master Edgar Russ teaches how to achieve mastery in this task, providing all necessary measurements for violin makers.

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