Violinmaking for

everybody, everywhere

Edgar Russ is a distinguished worldwide well known violinmaker.

He is famous for his set up workshops, his YouTube channel, demonstrations during Music Trade shows, Master classes among his colleagues, lectures about varnish and wood preparation, and his Q&A on his Patreon channel for violin passionate.

This teaching experience allows him with ease to teach you in an efficient and understandable way the entire construction.

Edgar Russ will show you every single step and by doing just the same at your house even you will be surprised that you are able to build your self-made violin; just where you are right now.

Edgar’s Online Violinmaking Academy

Edgar E. Russ

Distinguished Violinmaker

Cremona, Italy, Spring 2021.

Covid pandemic seemed to come to an end, violin-making Master Edgar Russ had the idea to create an online Violin Making Academy!

Every customer wanted to get his virtually chosen instrument as soon as possible; nevertheless, Edgar Russ, started with the help of his daughter Anna, to video record the entire construction of a violin.

Here we are his idea to offer to violin enthusiasts the possibility to construct their own self-made violin.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does this course work?

This violin Making course is a complete online video guide that will teach you how to build a violin. Master Edgar Russ shows you from the very first step how to proceed all the way to the final sound adjusting. It is meant that you watch section by section and put it right away in reality. 

We recommend starting right away with the instructions and making it yourself; then proceed to the next video. Step by step! Rome wasn’t built in a day. And it is just that way even with every violin.

Violinmaking is just more than building a violin. Sign up and discover it by yourself.

When can you start this course?

You can start right now! Videos will be uploaded from the morning of January 16th, 2022 up to the end of August 2022.

How much does it cost?

The final price will be 2999 Euro + VAT.

The Violin Construction course itself will cost 1499 Euro + VAT. 

The Varnish course will be 999 Euro + VAT. 

The Set up course will be 999 Euro + VAT.

What do I need to make my violin at my house?

Relax and watch from video to video. It seems more difficult than it actually is. Step by step and put it into reality. The most important ingredient is passion. 

Very likely in the first part, you might be more occupied by getting your environment functional and you might pass often in a close by tool shop,

Then you need the tonewood: spruce for the top, bass bar, and linings; maple for the back, neck, and ribs. 4 strips of violin purfling; One rough violin ebony fingerboard; Hide Glue, hot animal glue, and Tidebond white glue; Woodworking tools like planes, divider, square, bevel, chisels, gauges files, sandpaper; Measuring tools like rulers, caliper, divider; Specific violinmaking tools like bending iron, arching plane, peg and end-button reamer and shaper, etc.

Do you sell the material?

Soon a complete set of materials will be offered to all subscribers of this violin-making course. We will offer you the right-sized wood parts to build your own violin with the right parts from the right area. Well seasoned and carefully selected for your convenience. Feel free to contact us [email protected] by email.

Do you sell the tools I need?

Soon a complete set of tools will be offered to all subscribers of this violin-making course. Feel free to contact us [email protected] by email to receive further details on where you can search for the right tools.

Is there a book I need to study before I get started?

There is no specific book you should study but nevertheless, it is always good from now on to take time to look closer when it comes to violins. So read and study as much as you feel comfortable. The more information the better it is. But you might proceed very well if you just listen to your Master here in this Online course. He will show you everything.